About Us

Our Mission


JMCC strives to protect and promote civil discourse on campus and abroad. The promotion of political/civil discourse is vital to the health and well-being of our society.  

Winston Churchill once said, " A society where men cannot speak their minds cannot long endure."  With that, JMCC stands for the promotion of all political ideologies, and strives to engage all differing minds in discussion and debate, so that substantive learning and growth can occur.



Civil discourse is not about just basic discussion, it is about the relationship we should have with our fellow citizens, no matter what their political leanings. This is why we hold bipartisan debates centered around discussion and eating FREE food.

Our team is your team, no matter what way you lean - we are Spartans, and we are Americans.  This day in age where we seem more polarized than ever, it is a necessity to come forward in a bipartisan fashion to help find longer lasting solutions to problems we all are passionate about solving.

Our Goal


 The purpose of JMCC shall be to uphold our own valued beliefs and morals; to provide political awareness on our campus and abroad; to provide opportunities for political participation and to encourage such to the student body; and finally, to promote candidates that help preserve our Conservative ideals. 

Our goal is to promote YOUR ideas, YOUR passions, and YOUR beliefs.  JMCC is here to provide an opportunity for all who wish to speak a suitable environment to do so from.

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