Conservative minds within the James Madison College set out to feel less ostracized in the political arena the James Madison College/MSU offered, but found no suitable options on campus.  These founding students attended other Conservative meetings across the University, but found that these other options did not fully encompass their desire  to engage in civil discourse. Starting a student organization of our own, however, was something that was indeed very hard to complete. Convincing other people to join a newly formed organization is one of the hardest things to do - having no pictures of past events, and having no track record we could boast. The JMCC founders, however, worked tirelessly convincing their fellow students to come to a meeting, and engage in our bipartisan outlook on politics.  We wanted to lessen the divide we felt on campus between opposing viewpoints by demonstrating our ability to bring all sides together in a civil fashion. Those members went out to show the University and state we weren't going to be just another group on campus... we weren't going to be stagnant... we weren't going to be average,  we would run this campus.

Those founding members sought out the Student Life Services Dept. at MSU to start our student organization. Gathering support through a direct message to a James Madison College social media page, and through grassroots efforts in recruitment, the organization had a mere nine members in December - before we were officially registered.  In January, holding our first official meeting was a thrill - as we voted on a Constitution, voted in our first Executive Board, and finalized paperwork for our registration.  The James Madison College Conservatives were officially recognized on January 11th by the University, and from there we sought to build our organization into a diverse arena where civil discourse could thrive, bipartisanship could excel, learning opportunities could be had, and strong friendships could be made.

With 96 current members in the organization, The James Madison College Conservatives have quickly risen to being one of the "Premier Conservative organizations within the State of Michigan" - Michigan Republican Party.  We are humbled by our beginnings, motivated by our successes, appreciative in our failures, blessed with all of our relationships, and more so than anything, EXCITED for our future! This is just the beginning of the James Madison College Conservatives... 

- Adam Green

President of JMCC

JMCC Member Policy

JMCC reserves the right - as outlined in our Constitution - to remove any member of the organization who actively is causing harm to other members.  This includes the use of libel or slander, personal attacks/threats, and other inappropriate behavior.  JMCC Eboard, along with the consultation of JMCC Adviser Professor Benjamin Lorch will ultimately decide on the removal of a member if a resolution is made and determinate of active inappropriate actions of a member in JMCC.