Meet the Officers!


President: Adam E. Green


My name is Adam Green and I am the President of the James Madison College Conservatives.  I am happy to lead this organization into another successful year as we try to build on our already highly esteemed success from last year!  I am a second year student in the James Madison College studying Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy with minors in History and Spanish. I have previously worked for State Representative Tristen Cole in the Michigan House of Representatives, and now currently work for the Speaker of the House of the Michigan House of Representatives Lee Chatfield. 

In JMCC, promoting civil discourse is my main focus. I will continue to fight for opportunities for us to improve the culture on campus for our members to be able to speak and debate their views.  

Winston Churchill once said, “A society where men do not speak their minds cannot long endure”.  In this, it is vital to promote an atmosphere on campus of increased bipartisanship and to demonstrate our willingness to debate and to defend our views. On campus at Michigan State, we have the College Democrats and the College Republicans who are very different from our organization.

We engage in some of the same events as do these other groups, but we tend to run toward the heat of discussion because we thrive in the trenches of debate and excel in the promotion of bipartisanship.  More people need to remember first and foremost, no matter what political persuasion you subscribe to, we are all on the same "team" here in the USA, and we have more similarities than we do differences, and this is perhaps where other groups miss the point.

JMCC is about breaking barriers between differing political ideologies, bringing those who generally wouldn't debate politics together into an educational environment where substantive debate can ensue.  This is why we have been endorsed by the James Madison College, and have received statewide recognition in our first semester on campus. We have tons planned this upcoming year with debates, meetings, parties, and trips... So we hope you join in on the debates, see you soon!


Vice-President: Garrett Zylinski



My name is Garrett Zylinski and I am a sophomore in the James Madison College, double majoring in International Relations and Finance with a minor in Spanish. I have the privilege to serve as JMCC’s Vice President at a period in this group’s short history that is extraordinarily exciting—characterized by rapid growth, unhampered ambition, and an eager member base that is dedicated to challenging the status quo for collegiate politicking!

As an Eagle Scout who has served in several administrative leadership roles, I intend to work diligently with the elected board and group members to continue JMCC’s tradition of encouraging bipartisan, civil discourse within the college setting and beyond. My vision for the group this year includes: continuing to attract high-grade political and academic speakers, organizing thought-provoking peer to peer dialogue, and adding a community service element to the club. I look forward to meeting new members and sharing ideas that will meaningfully contribute to our student body.

Outside of the group I enjoy skiing, golfing and camping. Currently I am interested in pursuing a career in wealth management.


Secretary: Alex Jasukaitis


My name is Alex Jasukaitis and I am delighted to serve a second term as the James Madison College Conservative’s Secretary. Prior to my involvement in this club, I organized a local bipartisan “Rock the Vote” discussion at one of the largest high schools in Michigan, Eisenhower High School. I first became involved in politics during the 2016 presidential election, as the tensions between both parties became clear to me that our country is at a vital point in politics. 

I am thrilled to be able to serve in the James Madison College Conservative’s because we insist on having a conservative and liberal voice to be shared in our numerous bipartisan debates on campus in the James Madison College. Our group strives to foster an environment where civil political discourse can be shared in an intelligent manner. I am honored that our club’s core values of civil discourse will continue in the years to come, and am proud of our accomplishments so soon after our founding; these include our numerous bipartisan debates, speakers affiliated with both major political parties, and the 2018 Republican Gubernatorial debate. 

It is important to remember that even though our core members are generically conservative in nature, we all have different stances on political issues. The fact that our members even disagree with each other on many public policy issues explain the need for an organization that encompasses all political ideologies, and can promote civil discourse in the way that JMCC does.  Let us all have another successful year everyone!

In my free time I enjoy hiking, kayaking, skiing, and reading a good book by the fire!  I love the many people in JMCC already, and cannot wait to meet many more!


Communications Director: Katie Kobiljak


Treasurer: Mark Bassett



My name is Mark Bassett and I am the Treasurer of the James Madison College Conservatives, and I look forward to continuing to serve this great organization as we as an organization look forward to and plan our second year. I am entering my second year as a student of Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy with a minor in European Studies. I currently do not have any work experience in politics, but I am hoping to change that this upcoming year.

When JMCC first started I was most excited about having a conservative think tank, but when we really got going the open discourse across the political aisle became the best part. Having grown up in upstate New York I have constantly been around people with differing views from myself, and most of the time discussions would quickly devolve from policy and become personal attacks. At JMCC we have fantastic discussions amongst ourselves and with others to help tear down the barriers separating those from the left and the right.

I am really excited for what this next year holds for our organization. Last year, we hosted a republican gubernatorial town hall where all but one major candidate attended, as well as hosting a handful of other speakers. This year we are hoping to hit the ground running and are planning some HUGE events across campus. I hope to see a lot of new faces at our meetings this year!


JMCC Freshmen Representative: Julia Turnbull