Fall 2018 Events


The James Madison College Reception Day: August 26th

Starting JMCC's SECOND semester on campus with a BANG!  At The James Madison College Reception Day,  JMCC was able to speak with incoming freshmen into the James Madison College as they looked to join new student groups on campus!  What a turnout!  JMCC was able to recruit over 40 new members within 2 hours of tabling at the event!  Even the freshmen had heard of our great success, and whether they were Liberal, Libertarian, or Conservative, they wanted to join our ranks and enter into the civil debates that would soon ensue!



Through 90 degree heat, JMCC tabled at MSU's annual Sparticipation Day where student groups on campus could recruit new members and advertise for their upcoming events!  JMCC had an AWESOME time, met lots of great new students, all the while showing off our past events last semester! 

What an opportunity... but phewwww it was hot...


Pizza and Politics! September 12th

In JMCC's second edition of Pizza and Politics, we had our largest bipartisan debate yet! What a show of support in the promotion of bipartisanship as everyone was able to debate the Legalization of Marijuana and the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh!  Intense discussions, but civil and well informed. Free pizza was provided... of course.  What a fantastic way to kick off the new semester! 


Michigan Republican Party Day of Action! September 15th

JMCC members were invited to attend the MRP's Day of Action as in coordination with the Republican National Committee's National Day of Action!  Today was about informing the State of Michigan of the importance this election poses for the future of our country!  We are out fighting for our traditional and Conservative values on the phones today and knocking on doors! Great to catch up with John James and Speaker Tom Leonard!  JMCC is proving why we are one of the premier Conservative organizations in the state!


Michigan Republican Party Day of Action! September 22nd

Thank you to these guys for their great work on Saturday knocking for Mike Bishop (MI - 8th)! Your hard work and dedication to the promotion of our Conservative values are truly inspirational!  JMCC has been continuously working every week on the campaign trail, making the most of this opportunity this year with a HUGE election season!  We cannot wait for our MRP Phone Bank we are setting up as well for this coming week! Results Not Resistance!


Michigan Republican Party Phone Bank! September 26th

Phone banking tonight for the Michigan Republican Party! Great to have a lot of pizza, bread, and desserts provided by the MRP as we did some calls tonight at Case Hall! We received lots of awesome reactions today on the phones with people excited to vote this November!



Independents Day Townhall! October 3rd

 What an amazing and informative event! In a two-party driven system of governance, we hardly get to hear from Independent candidates running for office! Shut out by media, and over-spent by the major parties, their views are not often heard...

So yet again, The James Madison College Conservatives have broken down the political divide and invited these candidates to our Independent forum tonight! Another opportunity to showcase the ability to engage in civil discourse with those you may not wholeheartedly agree with. What an amazing discussion!

Check out our Event Story page for pictures, a video, and a description!


JMCC + College Democrats Health Policy Townhall! October 10th

An awesome opportunity tonight to hear from State Legislators, Medical doctors, and a medical attorney on health policy issues! Big shout out and thank you to the MSU College Democrats who were so willing to offer their help in planning this event! Check out more under our Event Story page for more!


Gubernatorial Debate Watch Party! October 12th


The first Gubernatorial Debate of the General Election season kicked off with a BANG! Thank you to the Michigan Republican Party for the pizza and pop as we watched the debate between Sen. Gretchen Whitmer and Attorney General Bill Schuette as they fought for position in this race for Governor! We are very excited for the next debate and the upcoming election!


Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk! October 13th

 Today the James Madison College Conservatives participated in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Lansing!  Partnering with the American Cancer Society, the Making Strides Lansing committee headed up their annual Breast Cancer Walk this year with over 1,000 participants! Check out the Event Story page for more!  


John James Debate Watch Party w/ John James! October 14th

The next United States Senator from Michigan, Mr. John James joined us following his pre-recorded debate to take pictures and speak with us as we watched him debate Incumbent Senator Debbie Stabenow! Check out more on the Event Story page!


Cookies and Conversation! October 18th

In our first ever installment of "Cookies and Conversation", JMCC once again hosted a fantastic opportunity for students to engage others in a bipartisan and civil fashion on topics like "education for all" and "Proposals 1+2"! Continuing our work as stewards of bipartisanship, it was once again fun to enjoy the company of so many diverse students at JMC and from across MSU, enabling us to hold another great event tonight and engage in a very substantive debate over issues we all are passionate about!


MSU College Democrats + JMCC Discourse Night! October 23rd

Teaming up with the MSU College Democrats, the James Madison College Conservatives were able to take part in the Campus Election Engagement Project  for a VERY substantive debate about Education and Immigration policy. JMCC has always been about promoting civil discourse, and this was just one more way we were able to engage in educational discussions on campus as to learn from those who view these issues differently! We think everyone learned and grew from that discussion... GO USA!


Blaze Pizza Fundraiser! October 30th

Great first fundraiser by the Fundraising committee! Getting to eat at Blaze Pizza in the promotion of bipartisanship and conservatism??? How could it get much better?! Awesome fundraiser for the group!


Election Day Bake Sale! November 6th

What better way to celebrate election day than a bipartisan bake sale?!  Buy your preferred cookie (political party) color, and add a tally to our poll! What a fun way to get in the election spirit! Thank you fundraising committee for the awesome work again!


Desserts and Debate! November 15th

JMCC held another bipartisan debate night focusing on Education policy! What a fantastic event and night for JMCC members and all JMC students alike to engage each other in substantive conversation! We look forward to having many more of these debates in the future!


Women's Self Defense Night! November 17th

What an amazing afternoon! We were able learn from trained instructors on different methods to protect yourself from all dangerous encounters you may face!  What a great opportunity to learn with your fellow women in JMCC and in Case Hall who are passionate about women's safety!