Independents Day Candidate Forum!


What started out as an idea to have an Independent candidate come onto campus to speak to our group turned out to be a FANTASTIC opportunity to hear from THREE candidates around the state who were seeking elected office as Independents. Reaching out to these candidates and receiving positive praise of the idea, our organization, and the help it provided them was truly great! There is nothing better than providing an opportunity for political engagement in a way the college hasn't seen before! We were happy to take on this event idea!


Our candidates included Cooper Nye, Jeremy Peruski, and Christopher Graveline! We wanted to make a candidate forum where not only JMCC could ask questions to the candidates, but where also the audience would have an ample opportunity to ask questions!

What an amazing and informative event! In a two-party driven system of governance, we hardly get to hear from Independent candidates running for office! Shut out by media, and over-spent by the major parties, their views are not often heard...



So yet again, The James Madison College Conservatives have broken down the political divide and invited these candidates to our Independent forum tonight! Another opportunity to showcase the ability to engage in civil discourse with those you may not wholeheartedly agree with. What an amazing discussion!  

Watch out for Cooper Nye (11th Congressional), Jeremy Peruski (10th Congressional), and Chris Graveline (Attorney General) as we near the election!  We are entirely committed to providing the best opportunities for all who seek it to engage in political discourse! 

Video Recap

Check out the video for the Independents Day Forum to learn more from these candidates! Thank you to all those who helped and who could attend! We hope you enjoy the commentary!