John James Debate Watch Party - With John James!


In one of the largest elections of the 2018 Midterm elections, the 2018 Senate race between Incumbent Senator Debbie Stabenow (D) and businessman and veteran John James has been heating up as of late! With the polls tightening, John James' name recognition and Sen. Stabenow's record being exposed, the race is closer than ever!


John James and his team were gracious enough to stop by Michigan State University today with JMCC to talk about his debate with Sen. Stabenow. He is confident in the thousands of grassroots volunteers that have helped propel his name all across the state! He has been working so hard letting all of us know around the state of his goal and vision for the Great Lakes State of Michigan, and he is actively pursuing victory in this election by talking with people like us every single day!


So thank you to John James for letting us take your time tonight as we cheered you on in the debate. Your fighting spirit, determination, dedication to us as voters, and this state we call home is truly inspirational... We will continue to spread your good message all across the state as the election nears!

Video Recap!