Spring 2018 Events


Pizza and Politics! January 17th

JMCC's first major event on campus!  Pizza and Politics was a bipartisan debate focusing on providing an arena where civil discourse can thrive!  Topics included Healthcare, Marijuana use, and Economic stimulation!  Pizza was of course provided, and the debates were well informed! A great start to JMCC!


2018 State of the Union Watch Party: January 30th

Members from JMCC were invited to attend a State of the Union Watch Party with the team of Attorney General Bill Schuette, who was seeking the Republican nomination for Governor for the 2018 election!  Great event and great to meet members from Team Schuette!


Jackson, MI Gubernatorial Townhall: January 31st

JMCC was invited to help host, setup, and attend a Republican Gubernatorial Debate in Jackson Michigan featuring four of the candidates seeking the Republican nomination for Governor!

Candidates included: Lt. Governor Brian Calley, State Senator Patrick Colbeck, Earl Lackie, and Evan Space.


John James for Senate @ Jackson Gun Show: February 4th

Members of JMCC were able to help John James - running for a US Senate seat in Michigan - table at a Gun show in Jackson Michigan!  This was an awesome opportunity to connect with Michigan voters and to gauge public support of John James out on the campaign trail!


Desserts and Debate: February 7th

JMCC's second bipartisan debate in the James Madison College!  Desserts and Debate was sponsored by EuroBlooms inc. and was our largest event of the semester thus far!  Great discussion on Gun Rights in the United States!  Though heated at times, the nature of our events garners civility from all those involved! What an event!


John James Campaign HQ Grand Opening! February 12th

John James' Campaign team was thoughtful enough to invite members from JMCC to their grand opening of  the John James for Senate HQ in Livonia! Great experience meeting campaign staff and hearing Mr. James speak!  It was an aweomse time getting to know more about John James the man, the husband, the dad, the son, the soldier, the businessman, and the Senate candidate that he is.  A truly inspirational speaker and a true asset indeed to the party!


John James for Senate @ The MSU Rodeo! February 17th

JMCC continued its work with John James at the MSU Rodeo where 10,000 people came to the MSU Pavilion and subsequently went by our John James booth at the event! Great time collecting signatures and talking to many potential voters!  Though we were met with a fair amount of criticism, this helped show us the necessity to win through civility! Nobody would change their opinion if we were to yell back at the hecklers... we win with stats, numbers, and figures proving why these policies are the go to for our state!


Donuts and Discourse! March 23rd

JMCC hosted its final bipartisan debate of the semester with Donuts and Discourse!  Wonderful discussion between opposing sides on the topic of free speech, abortion, and Religious liberty!  In striving for the promotion of civil discourse on campus, JMCC was endorsed by the James Madison College for their great work in the promotion and protection of bipartisan speech!


Gubernatorial Townhall Canvassing! April 2nd

With the approaching Republican Gubernatorial Townhall, JMCC members took to campus tables across the University to promote the upcoming townhall!  Check out those new banners!  Thank you to the James Madison College for helping sponsor our new (and might we say quite durable) standing banners!


JMCC's Republican Gubernatorial Town! April 4th

Well, what can we say?! This event is a bit too big for one paragraph... so check out our Gubernatorial Townhall tab to see more information, a full recording, and lots more pictures!  What an honor it was to host this event! GO JMCC!


Michigan Conservative Union's MiCPAC Event! April 6th - 7th

The Michigan Conservative Union invited JMCC and its members to attend their annual MiCPAC event - for free!  JMCC helped setup the two-day event in Holt Michigan, and were able to listen to many conservative speakers from around the state... including one of our own: President Adam Green!  Adam gave a speech on the 2nd day of MiCPAC regarding Conservatism/Liberalism in schools!  Thank you to the MCU for hosting such an impactful event!


Representative Jewell Jones (D-Inkster) Night! April 18th

In JMCC's push to promote bipartisanship, Jewell Jones - the youngest State Representative in the COUNTRY - was invited to speak at the James Madison College!  His legislative team and himself gave a very informative Q&A session on how we can be better involved in government, as we all brainstormed ways to improve different aspects of the state government!  A true friend of JMCC, Rep. Jones will surely be back in the near future!


Nathan Berning Free Speech Night! April 23rd

Nathan Berning, a popular Free Speech activist was able to come to the James Madison College and hold a free speech informational night on behalf of the Leadership Institute!  We give credit to Mr. Berning in his tireless pursuit of promoting free speech!


Cabot Phillips (LI) Political Correctness Night! April 24th

JMCC had the pleasure of working with the Leadership Institute to bring Fox News Contributor and Campus Reform Media Director Mr. Cabot Phillips to campus!  JMCC was able to conduct interviews with Cabot at the State Capitol before he came to the MSU Union to speak on Why Political Correctness Matters! What a great event!


Spring 2018 End

JMCC started within a dorm room at Case Hall when students decided that letting the student body - and our whole citizenry for that matter - become more and more politcally polarized was simply unacceptable.  JMCC challenged the status quo on campus as they out-performed every other Conservative group, all the while bringing together all those with differing opinions into many diverse opportunities for debates and subsequent intellectual growth.  

JMCC is very happy for the support of all their members in this first semester, and hope that the continued support of them and new members to be, will ultimately lead our organization to new heights!