Spring 2019


Elissa Slotkin Swearing In Ceremony January 13th

JMCC was invited to Elissa Slotkin's sweating in ceremony for the 8th Congressional seat! Though she is a Democrat, we were encouraged by her support of our group and our vision - the promotion of bipartisan civil discourse. She vehemently supports those sentiments and reached out to our group to come to her event! Thank you for the opportunity! We hope you bring bipartisan change to DC and promote a bettered discourse!


Conservative Documentary Night! January 29th

JMCC helped host a Conservative documentary night focusing on free speech and the suppression of speech. We had a very lively discussion and debate following the documentary viewing! Another great way to spur productive and educational dialogue in JMC as to help - we hope - promote a bettered dialogue in politics across the whole country!


Tacos and Talk! February 19th

In the first ever Tacos and Talk, JMCC teamed up the MSU College Democrats in having a discussion on the Green New Deal! This new legislation, now trending in the news, is a hot source for substantive debate to occur over. With a staunch line having been drawn between Conservatives and Liberals alike on this topic, our discussion was quite lively! And who can go wrong with tacos?! Gotta have the tacos!



Eaton County Reagan Day Dinner! February 21st

JMCC was graciously invited to the Reagan County GOP Reagan Day BBQ in Charlotte, MI to celebrate President Reagan and his legacy! Jon, Garrett, and Adam were able to attend the event and were able to hang out with Congressman Wallberg (who commended JMCC in his speech), Laura Cox who is running for MRP chair, and many other party leaders! 

Great food + great people = a great night! 


MRP Convention! February 22nd - 23rd

 JMCC was invited to help Representative Laura Cox set up for her MRP Chair election at the MRP Convention! We were able to help out with the Convention and engage with party leaders from all across the state as we engaged in Caucus activities and receptions for Representative Cox!

Check out the event stories page for more on the convention!


CPAC 2019! February 28th - March 2nd

JMCC was able to sponsor TEN members to travel and stay in Washington DC for CPAC 2019! What an absolutely amazing experience it was to hear from the most renowned conservative speakers of our time on the biggest stage of them all - CPAC! Take a look at our Events Stories page to see a complete recap of our AMAZING weekend!


JMC to DC with Congressman Paul Mitchell! March 20th

JMCC had the honor of hosting one of the most renowned James Madison College's alumni to campus - US Congressman Paul Mitchell! Speaking on his time as a student in the James Madison College, Congressman Mitchell was able to paint a nice picture of his journey from JMC to DC, and where he thinks us students can continue to get involved in politics in the college. Noodles and Company pasta was provided, and we couldn't be more pleased with him taking the time to talk with our group!


Leadership Institute Training! April 7th

 The Leadership Institute's Youth Leadership School is a two-day, comprehensive campaign activism training that provides the tools to be an effective youth leader for candidates and causes of their choice.  JMCC was able to sponsor a few members to travel to Ann Arbor to attend the Leadership School, what a fantastic learning experience!


JMCC Eboard Elections! April 16th

With President and Founder Adam Green stepping aside, Vice-President Garrett was elected to be the new President of JMCC, so he could lead our club into the new year.

With a new vice-president of Alex Jasukaitis, Secretary Katie Kobiljak, Treasurer Mark Bassett, and Communications Director Gavyn Webb, we couldn't be more excited to watch JMCC grow in the years to come.


JMC Parade of Honors Banquet! April 17th

 Thank you to James Madison College at Michigan State University for recognizing JMCC this year at the annual Parade of Honors banquet!

We were recognized for our work this past year in the college in promoting opportunities for us students to engage in bipartisan civil discourse through a variety of different events. We held numerous policy town halls, candidate forums, and student led debates on some of the most polarizing topics across the country.

We are so humbled by our many experiences we have had thus far in the college since JMCC's conception in January 2018, and we cannot wait to see where the organization goes to in the coming years! 


Tabling for Lt. Governor's Night! April 22nd

 If you're in East Lansing tomorrow - come meet up with Lt. Governor Brian Calley and Garlin Gilchrist for our bipartisan forum on the Office of the Lt. Governor!

5:00pm @ Club Spartan (Case Hall 842 Chestnut Rd), food will be provided, time for open Q&A, presentations from a few student groups, and time for political engagement activities!

If you haven't already, think about stopping by and taking part in the first forum of its kind! I hope to see you there!


Lt. Governor's Night! April 23rd

To cap off an extraordinary year, JMCC was able to host a bipartisan Lt. Governor's Night with Brian Calley and Garlin Gilchrist! What an amazing way to learn about the office of the LG, and to hear from two of Michigan's finest Lt. Governors! Check out the event stories page for more info and a full recap!